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Founded in 1967, Catalano today is the first Italian sanitary ceramic company to be able to combine the highest production quality with the beauty and style that you have come to expect with a Made in Italy product.  It has production space of approximately 2,000,000 square feet, 800,000 of which are covered by 240 craftsman supplemented by the newest generation of robotic machinery that reaches a production capacity of almost 1.500 pieces per day.

The Process

Quality is taken as a moral commitment in every stage of the manufacturing process. The full potential of our production machines are used with the utmost efficiency to produce superior products while respecting the environment.  Catalano’s industrial plants are distinguished by a very high degree of automation; molding, finishing and handling operations are all carried out with the latest-generation robotic systems. All processes rely on production logistics which are aimed towards achieving the maximum savings of energy and resources while seeking perfection in the manufacturing of the product.  The sense of environmental obligation extends to not only the machinery, but to the campus as well with solar panels providing much of the power and a recycling operation for ceramic materials that is transformed into super strength asphalt to re-surface our roads.

the quality

Innovations such as scratch resistant metallic finishes that are not only gorgeous, but are guaranteed not to scratch for 30 years.  Pressure cast manufacturing, that squeezes the product into shape, enabling these products to have clean, flat contemporary lines.  A special Cataglaze surface that is fired into the product to not make these products easy to clean, but fight the growth of bacteria as well.  These innovations and features, along with design excellence confirm the best in class awards that have been bestowed upon Catalano by the design community.  Technological innovation, design excellence, cultural primacy this is the heart of Catalano.

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