In contemporary design, the typological evolution of products comes together more and more with their technological innovation and with improvement of functions and performance.
Catalano’s NEWFLUSH ™ system finds its proper place in this scenario, because it is an invention able to revolutionize performance and functionality of ceramic toilets. A vortex-flushing system able to use all the available water to its full potential to guarantee maximum flushing performance; furthermore, the removal of the rim allows an easy and more effective cleaning.
Care for the environment, better ceramic quality, hygiene and water saving are the main features of this system, now fully implemented in 3 Catalano products.

The efficiency of NEWFLUSH ™ system, with its water vortex, increases the product comfort and significantly reduces the toilet flush noise.

The removal of the RIM (the traditional toilets’ edge ring where water jets come out) gives a visual continuity among the surfaces and allows an easier and deeper cleaning, significantly reducing the quantity of detergents. So, NEWFLUSH™ system is also the most attentive solution to environment safeguard.


A special nanotechnology glaze which, blending at 1250° with the ceramics itself, makes it unassailable and unalterable.
This glaze is a total bacteria-proof barrier because it makes the surface perfectly smooth and flat, with no micro-depressions on ceramics, without allowing dirt to stick on it.


Quick and safe release system for toilet seats that allows a total and easy cleaning.


Toilet seat with slow closure made in unalterable resin, for a noiseless and soft closure. Available both in standard and in the thinner “plus” version.


The innovative hidden fixing for wallhung WCs and bidets gives the product a formal cleanness and allows an easy installation.


The fully glazed siphon of all Catalano’s WCs gives the toilets a higher hygiene.